Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Nurse alleges bullying, abuse

May 27, 2008, smh

A NURSE broke down while giving evidence at an inquiry into hospitals, saying management bullied staff at Blue Mountains Hospital.

Jane Morley, a midwife at the Katoomba hospital for 21 years, wept yesterday as she told the Special Commission of Inquiry into Acute Care Services in NSW Public Hospitals that maternity staff were forced to take cord blood from newborn babies for testing without knowing why.

She had been talking about heavy workloads - in the past fortnight she worked an 18-hour and an 11-hour shift back to back. "Another thing I want to talk about is the bullying that goes on in the system," she said, breaking down.

Asked by the commissioner, Peter Garling, SC, if the bullying was between colleagues or from the top down, Ms Morley replied: "It's vertical."

"We get … abuse and threats … Most recently we were told that we would suffer disciplinary action if we didn't start collecting [cord blood] from every delivery regardless of whether there was an issue or not."

Mr Garling suggested she speak to his staff confidentially about the bullying allegations.

Natasha Wallace