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Baby born in hospital toilet, says dad

May 6, 2008 - 11:20AM, smh

A father says his wife had to give birth without anaesthetic in a toilet at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital.

The man, identified as Nick Patfaidif, called Fairfax Radio Network in Sydney on Tuesday, saying staff had been "too busy" to administer an epidural.

"Basically we were told to wait, there was no staff," he said.

"She was basically screaming down the whole place, she was screaming in agony.

"(We) requested an epidural an hour and half before the water was broken.

"(We were told) `Guess what guys, the anesthetist is too busy' ... the anesthetist never showed up."

Mr Patfaidif said his wife got up and screamed in agony.

"The midwife's not done anything, just held my wife there, not done an internal examination or anything," he said.

"My wife then said, `I need go to the toilet'.

"As she's in the toilet, the midwife's disappeared.

"My wife says, `Something's coming out of me, there's a head coming out of me'.

"And I ran into the toilet, and there's my little baby girl, coming out of my wife with the umbilical cord around her neck, turning blue.

"This baby gets pushed out, I held it, then all the nurses come in, and basically I went into shock myself, lost complete control, walked straight out."

Mr Patfaidif said both his wife and daughter were in good health. The Nine Network said the incident happened on Tuesday.

He also said that he was then barred access to his wife by hospital security.

"The midwives got the security on to me ... to basically tell me that I can't go up there unless I calm down," he said.

He was very critical of the hospital's staff and expressed concern that the alleged incident happens regularly.

"They were too busy, everyone was too busy. The whole day we were there, there was no activity," he said.

"Apparently this is normal, guys, and this happens all the time."

The case has similarities to the ordeal of Jana Horska at the same hospital in September last year.

Ms Horska miscarried in a toilet after waiting in the emergency department for two hours.

Her husband Mark Dreyer said the hospital staff provided no care and comfort to his wife.

An inquiry into hospitals in NSW, triggered by another incident at Royal North Shore Hospital, is currently underway.

Urgent comment is being sought from health authorities.

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