Monday, May 19, 2008


Eddie Cross, distributed by the Search Foundation, 18.5.08

We have been in close touch today with the President and his most senior staff. Firm intelligence has been obtained that rogue elements in Zanu PF who fear defeat and its consequences in the June 27th run off are attempting to assassinate him in Zimbabwe. Information was received that his arrival in Harare this morning was to be intercepted and our own assessment was that his unarmed security details and soft skin vehicles were insufficient protection.

Accordingly - and despite the need for him to urgently return home to start his election campaign, it was decided that he should remain in South Africa for a short while longer. Despite this, the rally in Bulawayo will go ahead as planned and the people will be told why he is not yet in the country.

MDC has appealed to the SADC to ensure his security and safety while campaigning for the run off but no satisfactory assurances have yet been obtained. This situation is ongoing. The ruthless use of force in the present campaign against the MDC throughout the country lends substance to this threat as does the arrival of new weapons recently imported from China with the apparent assistance of both South Africa and Angola.

Such actions give us little confidence in the willingness or ability of the SADC leadership to provide security for our leadership or their willingness to help halt the use of force and political violence by Zanu PF in the campaign now under way. This is a completely intolerable situation.

Eddie Cross
17th May at 20.00 hrs.