Friday, October 31, 2008


NSW: Former deputy takes top job at Unions NSW

31 October 2008 Content provided to you by AAP.

SYDNEY, Oct 30 AAP - Unions NSW assistant secretary Mark Lennon has been appointed to the organisation's top job, taking over from John Robertson who has become a NSW Labor MP.

Mr Lennon was elected unopposed as secretary of Unions NSW, having worked for the organisation for the past two decades.He's worked on a number of campaigns including the James Hardie asbestos products dispute and anti-privatisation of the NSW electricity industry.

"One of my priorities as secretary will be in working to strengthen protections and entitlements for all workers," he said in a statement.

"We also need to continually look at how we can make unions more attractive and accessible to a new generation of workers."

Chris Christodoulou, who has worked for the peak council since 1998, was elected the assistant secretary.

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