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Red News Readers,

There used to be a better balance of power between doctors, nurses and administrators that used to keep doctors like this more under control but with the deregulation of the system and the cost cutting, more and more inexperienced staff are working in the system, in face to face care and in management. If these staff do not have the knowledge, skill and experience and the confidence and assertion to stand up to doctors who practice at this sub standard level, the doctor can get away with it for some time before the system catches up them. Mandatory reporting may help, we have yet to see, but nurses and administrators also need to be re-empowered and believed when they report such sub standard practice. Doctors who practice at a sub standard level should not be allowed to get away with it because of the shortage of doctors, especially in rural areas.

Jenny Haines

Doctor investigated over hospital complaints

October 6, 2008 - 11:31AM

Source: ABC

John Della Bosca says he is deeply concerned over the allegations.

A former New South Wales doctor is being investigated by the Health Care Complaints Commission over complaints at a hospital in the state's north.

The complaints have been lodged by 10 former patients at Lismore Base Hospital, where obstetrician Dr Roman Hasil worked for four years from June 2001 to March 2005.
NSW Health Minister John Della Bosca says he is deeply concerned and it is important the allegations are dealt with properly.

"I'll be making sure [the complaints are] dealt with compassionately and with concern," he said.
Mr Della Bosca says there have since been significant improvements in the way complaints are managed in the health care system.

"We're currently discussing national principles for the registration and certification of medical professionals," he said.

"It's very important to understand, however, that quality is something that is daily worked on in our public hospitals and in a situation where the treatment is not up to standard like this one, there's a great deal of concern."

NSW Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell says the complaints should be investigated by an independent body.

"The circumstances surrounding the appointment of this doctor, his practices while he was employed by the area health service, should be investigated so that the patients and the public can have some assurance about what went on," he said.

Mr O'Farrell says there are claims that complaints were made and nothing was done.

"Given that health authorities were involved in this situation... it's important that someone outside the Health Department, and not an associated entity, investigate this matter," he said.

The North Coast Area Health Service says patient complaints about the alleged misconduct were handled appropriately.

The health service says a written apology was given to one patient who complained about Dr Hasil's treatment while she was giving birth at the hospital in 2003.

The health service says this complaint and the others raised were referred to the New South Wales Medical Board and the Health Care Complaints Commission.

The overseas-trained doctor is no longer licenced to practice in New South Wales.

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