Friday, May 11, 2012


Red News Readers,

It must surely be a badge of honour to be sacked by Michael Williamson. An officer showing some concern for the members of the HSU in the midst of all this mess would be welcomed by the members but not by the embattled Willimson forces, which must be shrinking in numbers every day. Roll on the administration.

Jenny Haines

SMH, 11.5.12

Nicole Hasham

A SENIOR manager who demanded reform of the scandal-wracked east branch of the Health Services Union has been sacked, plunging the organisation into further disarray.

The controversy came amid claims 3000 members have left since October and as paramedics met with key union officials to demand an end to instability.

The termination of the union's senior industrial manager, Andrew Lillicrap, outraged delegates and a senior executive, who questioned why he was not extended the same industrial rights as the general secretary of the allegedly corrupt union branch, Michael Williamson.

The Herald understands the manager was sacked following a meeting with ambulance delegates yesterday, who passed a resolution calling on Mr Williamson and other executives to stand down. Mr Lillicrap supported their right to move the motion, apparently angering senior officials.

It is believed the termination was instigated by Mr Williamson.

"I believed reform should have started much earlier. Instead, what they have given members over that time is spin, rubbish and inaction," Mr Lillicrap said, adding he would fight the dismissal.

Mr Lillicrap claimed the union had lost 3000 members since corruption allegations were made in September.

HSU East officials and Mr Williamson did not comment.

Last night, the NSW Industrial Relations Commission was given the power to appoint an administrator to the troubled Health Services Union east branch.

A government bill, which gave the NSW Minister for Finance that power, was amended by Labor, the Greens and Shooters and Fishers Party MPs. The commission will have 28 days to make an appointment. The legislation could also apply to any other union.

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