Monday, April 30, 2012


An unpublished letter sent to the SMH in response to Tony (the Parrott) Abbott's recent reminder that he will stop the boats, stop the boats, stop the boats........

The Editor

No Tony Abbott it is not pride that stops Prime Minister Gillard from stopping the boats. It is humanity, something I would expect that you would know something about, but apparently not. Parrotting simplistic slogans is easy, and they may strike a chord with some in the community, but you, if you become Prime Minister, will have to implement your policy and take responsibility for the consequences.

Julia Gillard said at the Lowy Institute in 2010 re Tony Abbott’s policy of stopping the boats “Let me say one thing loud and clear. Our nation would not leave children to drown. We are Australians and our values will never allow us to embrace this kind of evil. So inevitably, the so called strategy of turning back the boats would become a strategy of rescuing asylum seekers from the water with all the risks that that entails to the lives of defence and customs personnel. The slogan is hollow and Mr Abbot knows it.”

Jenny Haines