Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Red News Readers,

Having nursed patients and families through this process it is hard to explain to the public how intense the process can be and the emotional exhaustion felt by all, the family and the staff when it is over. I wish Aimee well. The next months and years are going to be hard for her. Everyone has to find their own way through it.

Jenny Haines

Policeman's widow tells of painful decision


January 5, 2010

DARWIN: The wife of a former NSW police officer, Brett Meredith, who died after being bashed on New Year's Eve in a Northern Territory nightclub, has spoken of her struggle with the decision to turn off his life support.

Amee Meredith said that when doctors told her Brett had a 1 per cent chance of survival and the best scenario for him was that he would not be aware of his surroundings, "I knew Brett would hate that; hate for the kids to see that."

"We had discussed at times, when watching movies, as you do, that we would not want to live like that if we had the choice," Mrs Meredith said in a statement released by NT police.

She said her husband's family were with him when the life support was switched off at Royal Darwin Hospital on Saturday, including their three children Samuel, 5, Jordy, 4, and Abbey, 2.

"My head was on his chest when they switched it off," she said.

Later she went to sleep near him. "It was the first time that I had slept and it was a really beautiful moment."

Brett suffered a fractured skull and other injuries in a nightclub in Katherine, 250 kilometres south of Darwin, when he intervened to stop a fight.

He joined the NT police in 2008 after 18 years in the NSW police. "Brett fell in love with the place," she said.

Mrs Meredith said the support her family had received over the past few days had been overwhelming.

Brett was also father to Brad, 9, and Lily, 7, from a previous marriage.

NT police yesterday charged a 38 year-old man with murder. He was remanded in custody.

The NT Police Association has opened a trust fund to support Brett's family.