Friday, November 14, 2008


Letters Editor,
Daily Telegraph.

David Penberthy was always too young and too immature for the postion of Editor of the Daily Telegraph. His tenure has been marked by startling campaigns eg the Daily Telegraph's coverage of the Cronulla Riots, which probably helped stimulate and encourage the rioters, and the stories about immigrants being given preference for public housing, which was a not so veiled attack on middle eastern migrants just after the Cronulla riots.

Now he has just been running the most vehement campaign against the Rees Government following the Mini Budget. Who needs the Liberal Party when you have the Daily Telegraph under the editorship of David Penberthy? I don't agree with the Rees Governments proposals to privatise ferries, prisons, electricity retail, PILLAR, and waste services, but I do think that the role of the print media is to present the news, not make the news as some sort of quasi political party! It is ironic that his last campaign was to get the government sacked, and he is the one who has moved on from his job!

Maybe David Penberthy has finally become too much even for the proprietors of the Daily Telegraph. I look forward to a more mature newspaper now he has gone!

Jenny Haines