Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This is the first boat which has arrived during the life of the Rudd Government.

Please God that these asylum seekers are treated more decently and fairly than those poor souls who came in the time of Howard and Ruddock.Hopefully they will not have to endure the tags- illegals, SUNCS, queue jumpers etc from bigoted politicians and rancid media.Is it possible for Australia to remember that we are signatories to the Refugee Convention and act accordingly?Perhaps with decent political leadership we just might get it right this time.

Navy intercepts boat carrying people off WA coast

Posted 1 hour 7 minutes ago Updated 54 minutes ago, 30.9.08.

The Royal Australian Navy has intercepted a boat carrying 14 people near Ashmore Islands, 320 kilometres off Western Australia's north-west coast.

Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Evans says the boat had 12 passengers and two crew.

The nationalities of the passengers, 11 men and one woman, and their reason for travelling to Australia are yet to be confirmed.

The group will be taken to Christmas Island for processing.

They are expected to arrive later this week.--

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