Sunday, April 27, 2008


Red News Readers,

It seems that aged care workers and care service employees have finally caught up with the aged care providers!

Jenny Haines

Elderly abuse reporting hotline set up

Article from: AAP

April 27, 2008 12:05pm

VICTORIA'S elderly people who suffer abuse now have access to a telephone helpline, launched today by the State Government.

The Seniors Rights Victoria hotline will provide support and advice to older people suffering abuse, Senior Victorians Minister Lisa Neville said.

She said the $2.6m service would allow anyone to access support and advice to respond to the abuse, mistreatment or neglect of older people.

Ms Neville said elder abuse was not just physical but could be financial, emotional, social or psychological, and involve mistreatment or neglect.

"It can include such instances as families pressuring elderly relatives for money, forcing them to sign documents they do not understand or restricting their contact with friends.

"Other examples include older people's health needs being ignored or physical abuse, including pushing and shoving.''

Studies have estimated that between one and five per cent of older people experience some form of abuse or neglect, Ms Neville said.

Research commissioned by the Department of Planning and Community Development showed 15 per cent of people over the age of 18 had either witnessed financial abuse of an older person or knew the person affected.

The survey also found that 18 per cent of people either witnessed or knew of a senior suffering psychological abuse and 90 per cent supported action to prevent it.

The hotline 1300 386 821 will begin taking calls from 10am (AEST) tomorrow (April 28.)